Hacienda Tranquila is a small organization located on San Cristobal Island, Galapagos that has already received recognition from Municipality of San Cristobal, Galapagos National Park & Ministry of Tourism for its unique approach to socio-environmental improvement and learning.

The Hacienda Tranquila local staff and volunteers from over 15 countries worldwide are proud of the diverse range of environmental accomplishments that they have pioneered during its four years of operation. These accomplishments include reforestation of 150 hectares of highly vulnerable abandoned agricultural land; helped 50 farmers remove invasive species from their lands; replaced an aging eight km water pipeline for the community; refurbished an elementary school; sequestered 191 tons of carbon; and provided an educational and therapeutic outdoor escape for 180 disadvantaged children on the San Cristobal Island, Galapagos.

Reforestation: They have planted 1,855 trees in three different areas of the island to protect endangered species, and we have created a nursery with plants to be transplanted and distributed to schools and farmers in the community. We proudly help to restore native and endemic forests to increase the natural harmony and tranquility of the island.

Agriculture: The program is helping 15 families (50 people) of the community to recover their abandoned farms. The local staff and volunteers help cultivate their farms so they can supply with organic products and increase local production. Local production will prevent excessive importation of fresh fruits and vegetables; thus, reducing the entrance of introduced species that endanger the endemic ecosystems.

Community water access: Local staff and volunteers worked for over one year to bury eight kilometers of pipe along rough terrains to supply water for the community. The water is so vital to personal hygiene and agriculture in this community.

Carbon sequestration: The project has planted 750 trees, two types of species Manzanillo & Matarzarno that capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Of this quantity, 250 are Manzanillo, each tree capturing 470 kilograms per year, and 500 are Martazarno, each tree capturing 148 kilograms per year helping to capture 191 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

Children: We have created a program of hippotherapy that uses activities on the horse that are meaningful for the children of the Ecuadorian National Institute for Children and Family. Over the last four years, 180 disadvantaged and disabled children have been served. We have also helped furnish the school in the community and materials for English language learning.

Each year, the local workers and international volunteers that comprise Hacienda Tranquila accomplish better conservation work and contribute to improving sustainable development of this fragile environment. The managers added more rooms to the guesthouse to accommodate more volunteers, forged new partnerships with large volunteer organizations to increase their human capital, and the increased manpower contributed to a significant expansion of the onsite endemic plant nursery.

This organization is continue to expand its outreach and accelerate environmental accomplishments on the island and green growth: restoring endemic forests while protecting vulnerable farmers from invasive species and providing the community with improved access to water, therapy, education, and intercultural exchange of ideas, values and love for our planet.