Seeing the Islands

There is so much beauty in the Galapagos, and there are so many activities right at your fingertips.  Few places in the world are the beaches so stunning and shared by so few people.  Most beaches have more sea lions than people, and snorkeling and surfing opportunities abound.

The Hacienda itself, and its surrounding lands, afford incredible mountain biking and horseback riding. The Galapaguera, home of many giant Galapagos tortoises, is just a taxi ride away. Kayaking along the coast is beautiful.  You can get out and snorkel whenever you wish, and you will see many frigate birds, masked boobies, blue footed boobies, pelicans, sea lions, marine iguanas, and possibly sea turtles.

 World class snorkeling and scuba diving is a short boat ride away at Leon Dormido/Kicker Rock.  Leon Dormido/Kicker Rock is two breathtaking rock pinnacles that emerge from the sea forming two undersea walls covered with marine life and a channel in between. The channel is home to tons of sharks and rays. White-tipped reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, and especially Galapagos sharks are all commonly seen. Schools of spotted eagle rays and golden rays frequent the channel, and manta rays are not uncommon.

We also encourage our volunteers to visit other islands in this incredible archipelago. We have no problem with our volunteers taking long weekends to visit other islands. Santa Cruz is just 2.5 hr away by speed boat, and Isabela is a quick hop away by plane or a 2.5 hr boat ride from Santa Cruz.

Isabela is especially gorgeous.  The streets are made out of sand, and the island is home to 5 volcanoes, Galapagos penguins, flamingoes, and flightless cormorants (none of which are found on San Cristobal).